5 Key Tips from our "Data Drives Your Donors: How to Increase Giving and Expand Your Donor Universe" Webinar

As we learned during our educational webinar on Using Donor Data to Drive Donor Growth, each donor has his or her own story, passion, reasons for giving, interests and circumstances. Targeting your ask to those criteria will help you better drive giving across your donor program. In order target your donors properly you need to ensure that you’re doing 5 important things.

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5 Essential Steps to Building a Data-Driven Fundraising Program

In When Good Data Goes Bad, we talked about the ways faulty data and data management can harm your donor relationships. But a fully integrated donor data management system not only works to prevent damaging missteps, it streamlines tasks ordinarily handled by multiple applications, increasing efficiency and making your job—raising money to fund your organization’s important work—easier. A data-driven fundraising program is essential, and a data-driven organizational culture as much or more so.

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When Good Data Goes Bad: Don’t Let Bad Data Cost You Donors.

This month we’ll be talking about your data: why it’s so important, how to put it to work for you, and proven methods for keeping it under control. In our first installment, why should you care about the quality of your data, and what are the risks when it’s not managed well? We’ll try to answer those questions for you today.

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