2018 Trends for Fundraising Event Ideas for Nonprofits

fundraising-event-ideas-for-nonprofits-2018-trendsWith the constant advancements made in technology and communication, we are blessed with added capabilities that can be incorporated into fundraising events. Different types of events have waxed and waned in their popularity, but every once in a while, an idea comes from out of left field and gives fundraisers a whole new type of event.

Below, we’ve compiled some of the most exciting and unique developments and trends in fundraising event ideas for nonprofits:

Enhanced Experience

If there is an opportunity for a VIP package offering at your event, consider including an added ticket for an enhanced guest experience. This can be as simple as inviting select individuals behind the bar to create their own custom cocktails, or you can go big and partner with a VR company to help your event guests get a first look at the vision for your organization’s future.

Food-Driven Experiences

There’s no denying that everyone has to eat, so if your guest list includes a variety of demographics, this is a great way to tap into a large group. You can host a cook-off between local restaurant chefs, invite craft breweries or boutique wineries for a curated tasting, or even host your event at the facilities themselves for a completely immersive experience.

Silent Disco

A successful fundraising event where you can hear a pin drop? It could be just the thing that will set your nonprofit apart from the rest! Silent discos work especially well for events whose guest list covers a broad spectrum of demographics, as they allow you to cater to the musical tastes of everyone in attendance within a shared experience. Dance-A-Thon, anyone?

Incorporate Mobile Technology

Let’s face it: everyone has a smart phone these days. It’d be silly not to think of a mobile phone as an asset to your next fundraising event. Incorporating text giving into your initiative can help to advance your donations when the emotional connections are high. Text donations are quick and can easily be done, and they can be incredibly cost-effective when implemented strategically.

Go Paperless

If you’re in charge of an event for a small nonprofit or one that doesn’t have a large budget, going paperless offers you plenty of advantages! The obvious one is that it eliminates the need for printing costs, since you won’t need to provide flyers or paper invitations; but beyond that, it’s a simple, budget-friendly way to apply a green approach to your fundraising event.

There are plenty of ways to get your fundraising event involved in new trends, whether it involves adopting new technology or adding digital elements to the guest experience, or it’s as simple as a switch to greener options. Whatever you choose, make sure to measure your results and ROI so you can incorporate what works and get rid of what doesn’t for any future events or engagements.

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Written by Kelly Yaker

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