End of Year Essentials: The Ultimate Guide to End-Of-Year Fundraising



We’ve covered a lot over the past few months, from storytelling to Peer-to-Peer success and beyond. To make things a bit easier, we’ve put together a roundup of the highlights all in one place. Without further ado, here’s your guide to End-Of-Year (EOY) fundraising. 

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Let's Talk Numbers: Why End of Year Is So Important

You know the old saying: “Numbers don’t lie.” Well, when it comes to End-of-Year giving, the numbers tell us a lot about the people who give in the final weeks of the year, how much they give, and what attracts them to a nonprofit and keeps them there. And it’s all true.

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Prepping For End-of-Year: There’s No Time Like the Present

In the nonprofit world, end-of-year giving is one of the most reliable sources of funding. Between GivingTuesday and December 31st—also known as the last chance for donors to make tax-deductible gifts in a given tax year—31% of giving happens in the last few weeks of the year and 12% in the last three days. To take full advantage of this important giving season, it’s vital to plan ahead.

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Don't Let the End of Year Be The End of You: Tips for Handling the Stress of End of Year

“Put your own oxygen mask on first.” —Every flight attendant ever

In the nonprofit world, it’s easy to work yourself into exhaustion or even poor health. But that’s not good for you, your organization, or the people you serve. Self-care is vital to maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and the time you take to care for you will almost certainly pay off in increased productivity, efficiency, and ability to cope with stressful situations and come out ahead of the game instead of struggling to catch up. With that in mind, we’ve provided a few suggestions for successful self-care.

First and foremost, the “obvious”: Eat well, sleep eight hours a night, and move your body at regular intervals. Some things are cliche for a reason. People who eat healthier foods, sleep well, and exercise have more energy and are generally happier, healthier people. The science hammers it in at every turn, and we all have a lifetime’s worth of anecdotal evidence in our memory stores to back it up. But you don’t have to do CrossFit and eat a raw-food diet to experience these benefits. Start simple with small, easily-attainable goals.

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Small Dollar Donors On #GivingTuesday: Think Small, Go Big

One of the key findings in recent studies how and who donors give is that small donors give big over time, and that counts on GivingTuesday perhaps more than any other day of the year. And while it’s understandable that a nonprofit might be concerned about asking donors for money twice in December, when you’re already asking for end-of-year donations, it turns out that the people who donate on GivingTuesday and those who wait until the last five days of the year are different donors with different motivations for giving.

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GivingTuesday on a Budget

In our last post, we established that when it comes to GivingTuesday, there’s really no downside to putting as much effort and energy as possible into your yearly campaign. But if you’re a small nonprofit, you may not have the budget for the flashy campaign and content some of the bigger orgs will be trotting out. Fortunately, there are quite a few options for GivingTuesday fundraising that won’t break the bank.

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#GivingTuesday: The Why and the How

In just under 100 days, GivingTuesday, the biggest global fundraising event of the year, will take the nonprofit world by storm. Last year on this giving day, nonprofits raised $400 million in the United States alone (up from $274 million in 2017). With those numbers, it’s hard to believe that some organizations are still unsure about whether GivingTuesday is worth the effort, but when it comes to this well-established and fast-growing fundraising powerhouse of an event, most nonprofits should be asking themselves—can we afford not to participate?

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Year-end Giving – Paying Attention To Your Special Friends

You are probably in the middle of planning your year-end fundraising push. Perhaps you have prepared your direct mail piece and are starting to segment your list. The most important segments to consider for special treatment are your major donors, your board, and other special friends. Hopefully many of your board members are on the major donor list, and your major donor list is much longer than your board list!

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Donor Relationships 101: Don't Just Manage Your Donors, Nurture Them.

In a very real way, donors are the lifeblood of your nonprofit. Without the funding they supply, the “organs” of your organization cannot function. So how do you maintain a healthy system and ensure that the funds you need to do your work will be there when it matters most?

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Best Practices for Peer to Peer Fundraising: Storytelling

We know that peer-to-peer fundraising accounts for nearly 25% of all online giving, but we also know that people are inundated with fundraising requests. So what can you do to help your P2P participants make sure their ask stands out from the crowd?

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