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5 Team Fundraising Ideas to Raise More in 2022

5 Team Fundraising Ideas to Raise More in 2022

Team fundraising is an excellent way to raise money for your mission, while inspiring your donors, board members, staff, volunteers, and friends to have fun in a competitive way. With so many ideas to choose from you’re sure to find the perfect ones for your fundraiser, audience, and cause. 


The next 5 ideas have proven to be successful ways to raise money creatively, using teams, by awakening the competitor inside of your supporters and fueling their fundraising spirit. 

  1. A Walkathon

Activity-based fundraising events are a big success when done the right way. One example of a popular athletic team fundraising event is a walkathon (runathon, or bikeathon).


Your supporters that choose to participate in the team fundraiser can form their own team, elect a captain, and spread awareness about your cause and event to drum up support for their team, through donations.

  1. Golf Outing Event

A golf outing fundraiser is fun for all skill levels and another opportunity to incorporate team fundraising. Tournaments that play with 2 teams on each hole will typically have 36 teams or 144 players. A supporter can form a team, normally a foursome, and raise money to play in the event.


Additionally, you can raise even more money for your cause with a golf event by cultivating relationships with local business owners and giving them an opportunity to sponsor this event. Click here for 10 Surefire Revenue Boosters for Your Next Golf Fundraiser.

  1. Change Wars

Change Wars are a great way to raise money for your cause. This type of team fundraising is normally used by schools or school districts, but it can be used for any organization with multiple locations, chapters, parishes, etc.


For schools, you can set up a team fundraiser with competing schools, or, at the individual school level. At the individual school level, you can allow for classes or grade levels to compete for a common cause – whether that’s raising money for school supplies, scholarships, or faculty. The students can be incentivized through classic awards like a pizza party, ice cream social, field trip, or bragging rights.


For a real life example of a successful change wars campaign that was supercharged with team fundraising please view this educational webinar.

  1. Dancing with the Stars

You may have heard of Dancing with the Stars, the popular TV show that just wrapped up its 30th season. On the show, a celebrity is paired with a professional dancer, and they compete in teams to win over the judges and America.


When it comes to team fundraising, nonprofits can host a Dancing with the Stars team fundraiser and donors, volunteers, and supporters, can get involved by creating a dance team and asking friends, family members, and colleagues to help them win by “voting” for them through varying levels of donations. The winner of the mirror ball trophy is given to the dance team that raises the most money!

  1. Host a Virtual Bake-Off

Bake sales are known as a traditional way of raising money at the local level. While it can be an effective way to fundraise and engage with your community, nonprofit organizations can unlock a new level – with national reach – by converting their bake sale to a virtual bake off.


Host a Virtual Bake-Off Team Fundraiser and allow supporters to create teams and compete to raise money for your organization. Donors can show support by funding a team’s efforts to bake the “Most Expensive Cake.”


Closing Thoughts


Team fundraising is an excellent way to raise money for a cause. And with these ideas, your team fundraiser is sure to inspire others and see a great amount of involvement. You might even find that you want to utilize a combination of the ideas listed above.


To learn more about team fundraisers, the benefits, and best practices, click here for a team fundraising consultation and demo.