Infographic: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a highly effective way to increase volunteer involvement, reach new donors, and reinvigorate your current donor-base. We've put together some of P2P's basic tenants and statistics in this infographic!

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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Fast Facts

  • Nearly 1/3 of all online donations were made through peer to peer fundraising.1
  • Social fundraising dollars grew by 70% between 2013-2014.1
  • 14% of donors worldwide have created an online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.2



  • Social Media is a critical factor in peer to peer fundraising success: for every order of magnitude increase in Facebook friends (10, 100, 1000), the probability of success increases drastically (from 9%, 20%, to 40%).
  • In an average peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, 15-18% of donations are referred directly from Facebook.
  • There’s an average of a 35% increase in giving when there’s a thermometer associated with the fundraising campaign.
  • The average word count in the campaign description for p2p fundraisers that raise the most money is 300-500 words, about the same length as an average blog post.
  • Campaign owners raise 3X more if they update supporters every 5 days.


  • Returning participants raise significantly more than new participants. In Walk events, a returning participant secures three times the contributions a new participant raises!
  • Just 3% of 5K participants are responsible for 65% of the donation revenue. And 13% of walkers bring in 84% of event donation revenue. With participant numbers declining, it’s more essential than ever to retain star fundraisers… and to coach up new star fundraisers.
  • Participants who send emails can raise between 2 and 11 times more than those who do not use email tools. When participants use the online tools given to them, they raise more money.
  • Participants who update their personal page raise between 7 and 18 times more than participants who do not update their pages.
  • Women sign up in greater numbers, lead more teams, and raise more money than men in every peer-to-peer category except Cycling. Expect to see five women for every two men in your Walks and 5Ks.
  • Team captains and team members do the heavy lifting in most event categories. In Cycle events and 5Ks, teams raise 85% and 76% of donation revenue, respectively. In the Walk category, 91 cents of every dollar raised comes from teams.



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Topics: Peer to Peer Fundraising

Written by Kira Bushman

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