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Should You Hire a Charity Events Organizer?

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on April 18, 2018

A fundraising event for your nonprofit organization is an exciting development that can propel your fundraising to new heights through some strategic planning. That said, it’s important to know the strengths you and your current team possess, and whether or not it makes sense to hire a charity events organizer to supplement your efforts.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you make that decision:

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Topics: Event Management

How Moves Management is Different from the Traditional Sales Funnel

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on March 14, 2018

For decades, the business world has utilized a reliable model for attracting and securing deals: the sales funnel. This model allows businesses to capture and retain customers as well as maintain steady revenue. Nonprofits can apply this effective model to their moves management process to increase donations and cultivate donor relationships, but should keep in mind three important differences.

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Topics: Donor Relationship Management, Campaign Management

Behind the Scenes: Building Great Capital Campaigns

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on February 22, 2018

So much of what makes capital campaigns successful happens behind the scenes before the public ever knows about it. This is typically referred to as the “quiet phase”. A capital campaign’s quiet phase is the stage of a campaign prior to the  public rollout. Nonprofits typically raise 50-70% of their overall goal during this time.

There’s a right and a wrong way to go about managing your quiet phase. Follow the tips below for successful behind-the-scenes fundraising.

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Topics: Fundraising Basics, Campaign Management

WealthEngine and Arreva Software Announce Partnership to Deliver Integrated Donor Management and Fundraising Solutions

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on August 29, 2017

WealthEngine (WE), the leading provider of predictive marketing, analytics, and audience development services, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Arreva Software, the industry leader in cloud-based Donor Management and Online Fundraising software. Through this relationship, WealthEngine and Arreva will help nonprofits achieve success by delivering integrated fundraising solutions. Together, both organizations offer a comprehensive and cost-effective program for fundraising and donor relationships.

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Streamline Your Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on July 19, 2017

Four high-impact tips for engaging new and existing donors on social

The Social Media Benchmark Study’s 2015 report shows that while NPO email lists grew 11 percent that year, their Facebook and Twitter followers grew by 42 and 37 percent, respectively. Social media is growing 3x faster than email for nonprofits.

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Topics: Nonprofit Marketing

DonorCommunity and Telosa Software Merge To Become Arreva Software

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on July 10, 2017

DonorCommunity, Inc., developers of the industry-leading cloud-based platform for online fundraising and event management and Telosa Software, developers of the affordable and easy-to-use Exceed! Basic, Exceed! Premier, and Exceed Beyond line of Donor Management solutions, jointly announced today that the two companies have merged to form Arreva, a software company serving the fundraising needs of nonprofit organizations across the globe.

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Fundraising Tips For Introverts

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on July 5, 2017

So you are one of those wonderful dreamers who is working toward making their vision a reality by pouring all your energy into a nonprofit, but you think you have one problem: you’re a little quiet, a little introverted.

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Topics: Peer to Peer Fundraising, Online Donation, Fundraising Basics

Four Easy Steps to Boosting Your Visibility Online

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on June 28, 2017

Visibility is what too many organizations lack to be the best they can be and receive funding. Appeal, reach, storytelling, donor retention—none can grow without visibility. Here are some fundamentals to boosting your organization’s visibility online.

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Topics: Nonprofit Marketing

The Importance of Volunteer Check-Ins for Your Nonprofit

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on June 22, 2017

Let’s get proactive about volunteer burnout

Approximately 100 million people volunteer for nonprofits each year. In fact, volunteers are responsible for bringing in upwards of $150 billion annually. They’re also invaluable assets that allow you to expand customer service and community outreach while simultaneously reducing the cost of services and making them more widely available.

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Topics: Volunteer Management

Why Nonprofits Love Peer-To-Peer Social Fundraising

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on June 14, 2017

It’s a way to give your fundraising efforts an exponential outreach

Peer pressure—not so good. Peer-to-peer fundraising, though? Downright awesome! It’s a concept that’s caught on like wildfire with nonprofit organizations, and it’s fueled by the power of social media. peer to peer makes it easy to turn your entire base of supporters into fundraisers.

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Topics: Peer to Peer Fundraising

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