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Avoiding Common Year End Giving Mistakes

A successful year-end giving campaign starts long before the final months of the year. In fact, the day-to-day interactions, task breakdowns, and general management of your organization’s staff and volunteers can directly impact the success of your campaign.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the potential pitfalls your nonprofit may encounter so you can implement clear plans that will help you avoid major year-end giving obstacles.

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Topics: Volunteer Management, Fundraising Basics, Campaign Management

Motivation is Key When It Comes to Volunteer Management

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a quarter of the country’s total population volunteer. It’s truly inspiring that so many people contribute their time and efforts for free to advance charity causes.

Volunteers are central to a nonprofit's success, but they also share a mutual relationship with the organization. While people complete a variety of tasks to advance the charity’s mission, during the process, they also develop skills and gain new experiences. To best motivate your volunteers to become champions for your cause and perform their duties to the best of their abilities, take a look at the tips below for effective volunteer motivation and management.

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Topics: Volunteer Management

Nonprofit Data Diaries Part 2: Accountability and Analysis




As our Chairman, Susan Orr, said in the first "Data Diaries" blog, "A focus on integrity will ensure that you can successfully build relationships with your constituents, that you can provide accurate information for decision making, and that your organization is accountable to your community." This applies not only to communication and solicitation, but also to accountability and analysis. 

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Topics: Database Governance

Get Organized: Grant Tracking Best Practices

When looking for project funding, the chances you’ll only apply to one grant are pretty slim. More than likely, you’ll be applying to a bunch of grants all at once, each with a unique set of requirements. So how do you keep them all straight? This post covers some best practices for tracking grants from application to award and beyond.

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Topics: Grant Management

Moves Management Fundraising Strategies that Work

Moves management is a useful fundraising model that can be utilized to identify, cultivate, and steward major donors. Consider these three strategies that effectively use moves management increase donations and maintain strong relationships with major donors. 

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Topics: Donor Relationship Management, Campaign Management

Foundations for Success: Developing a Solid Capital Campaign Plan

Once you have a goal set for your fundraising campaign, it’s time to start planning your capital campaigns. When you create a clear capital campaign plan, you are providing a clear and organized vision that will ultimately lead your organization to successful fundraising. The more involved you become in the planning stages, the more your capital campaign can do for you.

A successful capital campaign includes the following six components:

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Topics: Fundraising Basics, Campaign Management

Best Practices for Nonprofit Grant Management

Grant management is a necessary skill that most nonprofit organizations should master. It’s understandable to feel overloaded and crunched for time when managing incoming or outgoing grants along with everything else you do for your organization. But best practices such as using calendars, archives, consistent updates, and tracking systems make grant management more efficient.

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Topics: Grant Management

Take Your Donations to the Next Level with Fundraising Software

The latest fundraising software technology meets the needs of successful nonprofit leaders by consolidating all aspects of fundraising into one central location, allowing for fundraising efforts to be optimized with efficiency. Organizations now integrate third-party interfaces with their fundraising platforms, while keeping online donations secure and organized. Providing a secure platform for online donations encourages board giving through peer-to-peer fundraising pages and establishes recurring donations through integrated email marketing and donor relationship management.

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Topics: Online Donation, Fundraising Basics

Top 5 Reasons to Optimize Your Donor Database

The adage “a place for everything and everything in its place” may be centuries old, but it still rings as true today as it did back then. Keeping things tidy both physically and digitally helps a business run more smoothly. Although, these days, we don’t use a kitschy turn of phrase when referring to a well-organized business, we simply say that a business or digital entity is “optimized,” and it’s something your organization should aspire to achieve.

An optimized donor database operates simply and efficiently to capitalize on fundraising potential.  It gives you a big picture look about your organization’s donors on one page: their giving history, event attendance, relationships, and more. Using an optimized donor database can improve donor retention, increase prospect conversions, increase productivity, save money, and simplify onboarding.

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Topics: Donor Relationship Management, Donor Retention

The 7 Essential Qualities of Your Nonprofit Website

Before a donor chooses to give to your organization, he or she will most likely check out your website first. If you’d like to ensure you make the right impression, The following is a list of qualities your website should have to maximize its impact on current and potential supporters.

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