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4 Tips To Raise More Money with Online Peer to Peer Fundraising

Peer to peer fundraising is one of the most profitable ways to boost nonprofit donations, mostly because it requires little money upfront yet reaches a wide audience. Of course, if you want your campaign to go viral, you'll need to make donors feel like they're part of something special, which means getting creative.

Here are some popular peer to peer fundraising methods that have worked well for others. You can modify them slightly to your organization or take them in a whole new direction to make the fundraisers uniquely yours.

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Topics: Peer to Peer Fundraising, Event Management

9 of the Best Nonprofit Annual Reports From 2016

The best nonprofit annual reports provide customers, investors, boards of directors, and employees with the information necessary to assess progress. One of the primary purposes of the annual report is to acquire new business, making factors such as format and design equally important. For example, visuals often appeal to readers, as they break apart big blocks of text, making it easier to read and understand the information.

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to take notes. Below are nine of the best nonprofit annual reports from 2016 that exemplify key features that every organization should be utilizing in these reports.  If you incorporate only a handful of the techniques highlighted in the annual reports featured below, you can be certain to impress your board members, donors, and general public. Also check out our post on the best reports from 2017 for an updated look at the best of the past year.

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#GivingTuesday Tips: Do’s & Don’ts of Online Fundraising


There’s no doubt that online fundraising is sweeping the globe as a great resource for nonprofits. Last year, nonprofits around the world collectively raised $116,000,000 on #GivingTuesday. Understanding what to do (and what not do) can make your Giving Tuesday campaigns a hit for your nonprofit too.

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Topics: Online Donation

5 Things You Should Know About Automated Email Marketing

So your nonprofit organization could use some sprucing up in the marketing department, and you’ve recognized untapped potential in email marketing. Perhaps you already send regular email blasts to your constituents, but you aren’t getting as many bites as you’d like, considering all of the effort you put into crafting and sending emails. In fact, the work is pretty tedious for what you get out of it.

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Topics: Nonprofit Marketing, Email Marketing

How Thank You Pages Can Cultivate Donors and Expand Your Reach

Now that you’ve received a donation and gained a supporter, the need to say “thanks” is pretty obvious.

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Topics: Donor Relationship Management, Donor Retention

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