7 of the Best Nonprofit Annual Reports From 2017

Posted by Kira Bushman on April 12, 2018

Your annual report shows volunteers, donors, and prospects alike just how great of an impact your nonprofit has had in the past year. It reassures those involved with your organization that their donations and hard work have paid off, and it can convince potential donors that you stand for a cause worth contributing to. This is your chance to show off! 

We've gathered seven of the best nonprofit annual reports from 2017 to inspire you. From human services to the arts, these examples cover the best annual reports of varying nonprofit industries and give you some great examples of just how beautiful and informational your annual report can be.   

Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County designed a modern and fun annual report. The consistent geometric visuals and on-brand color palate make the information easy to follow. Even the photos, which highlight members of the community and those who have benefited from the Federation's programs, are edited to fit in with the angular graphics.

Screenshot from the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County annual report 2017

Photo courtesy of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County.New call-to-action


Earthjustice blends photos and infographics seamlessly. This not only makes the annual report fun to read, but also represents just how intertwined the facts and statistics are with the real-world impact of Earthjustice. The image below is a great example of the melding of graphic and photo, and I encourage you to look through the whole thing. Every page is a beautiful visual that complements the extensive information about Earthjustice's efforts to preserve our environment.  

Earthjustice annual report screenshotPhoto courtesy of Earthjustice.

Arts Corps

Art Corps created a visually strong 2017 annual report using a stark contrast between black and white photos and their signature red text. The boldness of their report reflects how they embolden artists every day, creating an aesthetic representation of their mission. The simple color palate and layout let the photos and graphics shine while making the information itself easy to follow. 

Screenshot from Arts Corps' 2017 annual reportPhoto courtesy of Arts Corps.

Best Friends Animal Society

The Best Friends Animal Society took a unique approach to their annual report. Using Adobe Spark, they created a unique and responsive report that is a joy to scroll through. Besides the adorable photos of animals they've helped, the Best Friends Animal Society also included icons, quotes, and bulleted lists that guide the reader through the information. Because of its interactivity and simple organizational style, this annual report is definitely an annual report top dog. 

Screenshot from the Best Friends Animal Society annual report 2017Photo courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society.New Call-to-action

Capital Partners for Education 

Like the Best Friends Animal Society, Capital Partners for Education created a responsive, online annual report. This report incorporates video and animation along with impressive statistics about education and mentoring. As readers scroll through the report, they are guided through the 2017 story of Capital Partners for Education. It's easy to see just how much of an impact this nonprofit has made.  

Capital Partners for Education annual report 2017-2018 screenshotPhoto courtesy of Capital Partners for Education.

Seattle's Union Gospel Mission

Seattle's Union Gospel Mission has many different programs. To highlight their impact, they use in-depth case studies of people their nonprofit has helped. These stories are accompanied by stunning portrait photography and snapshots of the city itself. This nonprofit annual report makes it obvious that Seattle's Union Gospel Mission has a personal effect on the community it serves. 

Screenshot from the 2017 annual report of Seattle's United Gospel Mission

Photo courtesy of Seattle's Union Gospel Mission.

Partners In Health

The Partners in Health 2017 annual report handles heavy subjects with positivity and grace. Bright colors photos with example of the good work PIH is doing show potential donors exactly how this nonprofit fulfills a need. Personal language (like in the example below) also emphasizes the role of donors in the ability of this nonprofit it make a difference.  

Partners In Health 2017 annual report screenshotPhoto courtesy of Partners In Health.

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Written by Kira Bushman

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