Small Dollar Donors On #GivingTuesday: Think Small, Go Big

One of the key findings in recent studies how and who donors give is that small donors give big over time, and that counts on GivingTuesday perhaps more than any other day of the year. And while it’s understandable that a nonprofit might be concerned about asking donors for money twice in December, when you’re already asking for end-of-year donations, it turns out that the people who donate on GivingTuesday and those who wait until the last five days of the year are different donors with different motivations for giving.

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GivingTuesday on a Budget

In our last post, we established that when it comes to GivingTuesday, there’s really no downside to putting as much effort and energy as possible into your yearly campaign. But if you’re a small nonprofit, you may not have the budget for the flashy campaign and content some of the bigger orgs will be trotting out. Fortunately, there are quite a few options for GivingTuesday fundraising that won’t break the bank.

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