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Snapping for Success: Reaching Younger Generations of Volunteers and Donors on Snapchat

Posted by Kira Bushman on September 5, 2018

As the Social Media Manager, my job is not only to curate and produce social content for Arreva, but also stay updated on the latest trends in nonprofit social media marketing. After hosting a few webinars concerning reaching out to younger generations of potential volunteers and donors, our Digital Marketing Manager and I realized that there was a need for more resources about Snapchat for nonprofits.

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Topics: Nonprofit Marketing, Social Media for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Data Diaries Part 3: Security

Posted by Kira Bushman on July 25, 2018

Your nonprofit's database is your organization's most treasured possession. It can be difficult to remind yourself of securing the little things, and let's be honest — all of us can get lazy when it comes to being thorough with protecting our data. How many of you have ever written down a password on a sticky note and stuck it on your PC monitor in plain sight? Don't worry. Me too.

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Topics: Database Governance

Facebook Ads for Nonprofits: Setup

Posted by Kira Bushman on June 27, 2018

Organic reach is important, but it’s getting more and more difficult for businesses and nonprofits to increase their reach organically on Facebook. This is where paid advertisements come in. Fortunately, Facebook is a relatively cheap platform for promoting content. The average cost per click for Facebook ads at the end of 2016 was only 27 cents. Start taking advantage of the low cost and follow these steps to set up your first ads!

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Topics: Nonprofit Marketing, Social Media for Nonprofits

Facebook for Nonprofits: Webinar Follow Up

Posted by Kira Bushman on June 21, 2018

After many changes to the Facebook newsfeed algorithm, it can be confusing to know what to do on this social media platform. Groups, messenger, and advertisements are all great ways to get your organization seen by more potential donors, and they are more effective than just posting to your nonprofit’s Facebook page.

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Topics: Nonprofit Marketing

10 Components of Successful Grant Writing

Posted by Kira Bushman on June 13, 2018

As exciting as a prospective grant award can be, the task of compiling the data and writing a grant that has better chances of earning funding can be a daunting one. It’s important to remember that a grant letter is no different than any other proposal in the sense that it can be broken down into general segments that make up the whole pitch. Below, we’re covering grant writing examples for nonprofits so you can put together a winning grant letter without going crazy. Treat it like a checklist and you’re on your way to securing your grant.

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Topics: Grant Management

7 Online Fundraising Ideas for Great Landing Pages

Posted by Kira Bushman on May 16, 2018

It's time to bring out your inner designer. After looking through user experience design research specific to nonprofits and their donation pages, we have narrowed it down to these 7 tips. Use these ideas to help give your online fundraising page a "wow" factor that will have visitors jumping for the donate button! 

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Topics: Online Donation, Fundraising Basics

Outlook: How Will Online Fundraising Change in 2018?

Posted by Kira Bushman on May 9, 2018

Online fundraising has been a popular way to give for years now. In 2018, there is a lot going on in the tech world, and change is on the horizon. Is your nonprofit ready? 

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Topics: Donor Relationship Management, Peer to Peer Fundraising, Nonprofit Marketing, Online Donation

Top 10 Free Tools You Need To Fundraise Online

Posted by Kira Bushman on May 2, 2018

Every fundraiser knows that there are many variables that go into a successful online campaign. As an online fundraising company, we know the struggle of getting every part of your campaign just right. We've gathered some tools that will help you with everything from your grammar to your social media videos to get you ready to to fundraise online. Get ready to exceed your online fundraising goals! 

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Topics: Peer to Peer Fundraising, Nonprofit Marketing, Online Donation

7 of the Best Nonprofit Annual Reports From 2017

Posted by Kira Bushman on April 12, 2018

Your annual report shows volunteers, donors, and prospects alike just how great of an impact your nonprofit has had in the past year. It reassures those involved with your organization that their donations and hard work have paid off, and it can convince potential donors that you stand for a cause worth contributing to. This is your chance to show off! 

We've gathered seven of the best nonprofit annual reports from 2017 to inspire you. From human services to the arts, these examples cover the best annual reports of varying nonprofit industries and give you some great examples of just how beautiful and informational your annual report can be.   

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Topics: Nonprofit Marketing, Nonprofit Reports

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck: Most Successful Charity Events

Posted by Kira Bushman on April 11, 2018

Whether you’re planning your first event or you’re a seasoned vet, it’s important to choose an event format that will most strongly impact your organization’s bottom line and achieve maximum ROI. You’ve probably come to realize that there are a handful of fundraising event formats that deliver successful results when executed properly.

We’ve listed some of the most successful charity events to help you decide which is the best fit for your organization’s goals and objectives:

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Topics: Event Management, fundraising events

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