Ready, Set, Donate! Capital Campaign Fundraising at its Best

Posted by Kira Bushman on February 28, 2018

Now comes the fun part! The public portion of your capital campaign fundraising consists of email blasts, social media campaigns and even an event or two. Depending on the ultimate goal of your campaign, you may want to consider a combination of fundraising tactics to amplify your reach and maximize donations.

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Infographic: Nonprofit Annual Report Branding

Posted by Kira Bushman on January 10, 2018

The power of your nonprofit's brand extends to everything important within your organization. While some nonprofits may think branding isn't something they need to be focusing on, the reality is that branding can have an incredibly positive effect on everything from internal morale and constituent trust, to making more donations possible.  

Matt Schwartz, the founder of a design firm for nonprofits and education, says in his article about the impact of a strong nonprofit brand that good branding is the "surest way to strengthen your relationships, increase your effectiveness, and, ultimately, generate greater impact." This infographic gives branding pointers to make your nonprofit annual report—and any marketing assets you create—among the best. 

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How to Make Your Nonprofit Annual Report Pop with Great Graphics

Posted by Kira Bushman on December 21, 2017

You’ve worked hard all year to improve your nonprofit. This improvement deserves to be recognized by the people that matter most – current and future donors. These examples from our blog post titled “9 of the Best Nonprofit Annual Reports of 2016” will guide you toward graphics that draw in readers at every level of your marketing funnel.

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Top 10 Online Fundraising KPIs You Need to Start Tracking Today

Posted by Kelly Yaker on October 24, 2017



With everything you’re handling in day-to-day operations at your nonprofit, we understand that adding more work to your plate can seem unnecessary, but trust us, key performance indicators, or KPIs as they’re more frequently called, are something your organization needs to be tracking to ensure you’re making the right moves when it comes to online fundraising.

Here are ten critically important KPIs that your nonprofit needs to track each month or at least every quarter.

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9 of the Best Nonprofit Annual Reports From 2016

Posted by Kelly Yaker on August 10, 2017

The best nonprofit annual reports provide customers, investors, boards of directors, and employees with the information necessary to assess progress. One of the primary purposes of the annual report is to acquire new business, making factors such as format and design equally important. For example, visuals often appeal to readers, as they break apart big blocks of text, making it easier to read and understand the information.

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to take notes. Below are nine of the best nonprofit annual reports from 2016 that exemplify key features that every organization should be utilizing in these reports.  If you incorporate only a handful of the techniques highlighted in the annual reports featured below, you can be certain to impress your board members, donors, and general public. Also check out our post on the best reports from 2017 for an updated look at the best of the past year.

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Streamline Your Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on July 19, 2017

Four high-impact tips for engaging new and existing donors on social

The Social Media Benchmark Study’s 2015 report shows that while NPO email lists grew 11 percent that year, their Facebook and Twitter followers grew by 42 and 37 percent, respectively. Social media is growing 3x faster than email for nonprofits.

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Four Easy Steps to Boosting Your Visibility Online

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on June 28, 2017

Visibility is what too many organizations lack to be the best they can be and receive funding. Appeal, reach, storytelling, donor retention—none can grow without visibility. Here are some fundamentals to boosting your organization’s visibility online.

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Telling Your Story: The Importance of Communicating Why

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on April 27, 2017

Satisfy your donors’ inherent desire for stories

The key to gaining additional donors, extended support, and deeper community understanding lies within your storytelling strategy. Explaining your nonprofit's true essence leads to quickening of your mission and an increased impact on your audience. And that’s because people relate to meaningful narratives.

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9 Ways to Lose Your Donor on the First Date

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on April 18, 2017

According to AFP’s 2015 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report, only 19% of first time donors are retained, compared to 63% of repeat donors. The reasons for low donor retention vary as widely as there are donors, but if you can successfully avoid committing the following fundraising sins, your chances of securing fourth and fifth dates with your constituents should greatly improve.

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Why People Unsubscribe from Your Emails (And Tips to Make It Stop!)

Posted by Ryan Finkelstein on March 30, 2017

You’ve got an unspoken agreement with subscribers, and you have to honor it.

Donors and supporters may have asked you to send them emails, but if many of them are unsubscribing, you have a problem. You may not know exactly why they’re leaving, just that they’re opting out. We’ve done some digging to discover the most common reasons people unsubscribe from nonprofit organization mailing lists – and compiled some essential tips to stop the defections.

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